Our business deals with complex technology, and it’s easy to get caught up in it all. But we never forget that everything we do is geared towards helping people. Our role is looking at problems and finding thoughtful, practical solutions.

Whether you judge success to be increased PnL, protecting your business or rising through the Euromoney ranks. With MahiFX’s involvement we have a strong history of making a material difference to a firm’s standing and FX capabilities. 

Who uses our technology?

  • Banks

    MahiFX provides institutional clients with the Tier 1 tools they need to quickly and seamlessly establish a robust eFX business complete with pricing, technology, analytics and support

  • Brokers

    Some of the challenges FX brokers currently face, are the same problems banks had to find a solution for decades ago. We help brokers swap huge PnL swings with consistent returns, backed by low capital requirements. Our real time analytics supports decision making for trading and operations..

  • Buy Side

    Finely tuned algorithms facilitate absolute control over execution. Make minimal market impact and maximise yields with profit seeking algos. Combined with our analytics we offer complete transparency and actionable insights.