Spot patterns to stop problems

FX is fast-paced, and market conditions demand real time responses to remain competitive. Having total visibility takes the guesswork out of diagnosing problems and is central to making prudent trading decisions. 


Key Benefits:

  • Maintain a constant view of market depth

  • Automate policing of flow

  • Understand clients and respond in real time

  • Manage liquidity relationships

  • Discover opportunities to increase PnL

  • Monitor price spikes and news



  • Real time alerts
  • Reporting
  • Top of book analysis
  • Counterparty tagging
  • LP analysis
  • Yield profiles
  • Markouts
  • Millisecond data
  • Sales analysis

What one client has to say:

“Echo has elevated the level of expertise of the team, taken the guesswork out of diagnosing problematic flow and has allowed for a more proactive approach to risk and liquidity management.”

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