Engineered to increase eFX profits

MFX Compass, our automated market making system gives you the control to engineer your own rate together with sophisticated hedging and a whole host of other features to protect your business.  

In increasingly challenging markets ensuring you have accurate pricing is essential. We believe creating your own rate is crucial to optimising your eFX business, rather than simply aggregating others’ liquidity.



  • Optimise price formation
  • Maximise information in the rate
  • Protect yourself from market gaps, identify sweeps and arbitrage
  • Highly optimised risk management
  • Cost effective and instantly transformative


  • Price filtering
  • Algorithmic hedging
  • Risk management
  • Smart order routing
  • Price aggregation
  • Bespoke price creation
  • Event protection
  • Signals
  • Liquidity throttling

What our clients have to say: 

“Great technology fit - they gave us a rapid uplift from a ‘first/second generation e-pricing and hedging platform’ - to having a pricing and hedging capability equal to that of a top 10 FX bank”

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