Note for Recruiters


Since we’re a small business, it can often be time-consuming for our staff to deal with recruiters calling us. Whilst we do welcome recruiters who wish to help us out, this can sometimes add to our workload instead.

We’re sure you’ll agree that it is much easier to recruit for a company when you are familiar with its background and current staff are able to help you out with ease. Therefore, please take the time to read our rules for working with us below.


Phone Calls

Please do not cold call us – there is a dedicated email address for discussing the possibility of working with us, it has been listed on this page for your convenience. There is also no need to chase up decisions with us; we always adhere to our deadlines.


We’ll update our jobs page and social media as soon as a new position becomes available, so you’ll be able to see when we might need your assistance. This listing will specify where to send CVs. Please ensure that you read the job description carefully, and only send CVs that are relevant to the role.

CVs / Candidates

Please only send complete CV. This includes a name, contact details, a full education and previous work history, and the candidate’s salary expectations and availability.

NB: We typically only consider candidates already in the UK. If you are submitting a candidate who is not in the UK, please make this explicitly clear.

Terms and Conditions

We do not sign any terms and conditions. The terms we work to are detailed below.

Acceptable Practices.

We’re happy to work with recruiters who maintain the following principles.

  • Honesty. Please always ensure that you are honest with us. It is easily noticed when you change your story depending on which member of our staff you are speaking to.
  • No ulterior motives. Please do not try to recruit our own staff.
  • Confidentiality. Please keep any information about candidates to yourself. This includes not sharing their details after we have hired them, if we choose to do so.

Terms & Fees

These Terms supersede any similar terms in individual agency's contracts.

  1. We will pay 15% of year one base salary.
  2. We will pay within 30 days of invoicing.
  3. The invoice date can be no earlier than the candidate's start date.
  4. If we choose to hire a candidate within six months of your introduction, we will pay your fee.
  5. If we already know a candidate you are introducing us to (organically or from a different agency), we will tell you this promptly. No fee will be payable in this circumstance.
  6. If the candidate leaves within twelve working weeks of their start date (for any reason, including dismissal), it will be your responsibility to find a replacement free of charge. If you are unable to find a replacement acceptable to us you will refund 8.3% of your fee for each week of the first twelve the candidate didn't work.

This Note to Recruiters was adapted from the NTR Policy provided by our friends at Vzaar, licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.


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