Unlike anything else on the market

Vector allows you to identify your trading costs and then minimise them, using our unique market making technology.

  • Understand your cost of execution using our analytics.
  • Take control - as the provider of liquidity to the market, you should be the one to earn the spread.
  • Minimise your footprint with anonymous trading access, leveraging our investment in technology and liquidity management.
  • Reduce your IT costs - let us help you focus on your investment ideas. You shouldn’t need to worry about smart order routing or connectivity - Vector takes care of it all.
  • Trust - Vector doesn't take risk or manage positions, so there are no conflicts of interest.

Why choose MFX Vector?

  • Minimise your transaction costs by working orders passively rather than crossing spreads.

  • Own your order and have full visibility over its progress at all times. View real-time performance against benchmarks. Evaluate venues, counterparties and more.

  • Powerful doesn’t need to mean complicated. The simple, intuitive interface makes Vector easy to use, so you can focus on your trading.

  • You decide how aggressive you want your order to be. Dynamically adjust your execution speed based on your assessment of liquidity.

  • Vector’s unique TCA displays performance against VWAP and Arrival Mid benchmarks in real-time. Yield curve analytics provide invaluable insight into market impact across a wide variety of measures.

Features of MFX Vector

  • 01 Anonymity throughout the trade lifecycle.
  • 02 Earn spread by passive market making rather than crossing spread.
  • 03 Control your speed of execution.
  • 04 View inception spread and market impact trade by trade or by parent order.
  • 05 Full transparency on live orders, fills, venues and counterparties.
  • 06 Compare performance to a variety of benchmarks in real-time.
  • 07 MahiFX is an independent technology provider, our interests are aligned with yours.

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