Your complete execution command centre

MFX Vector is an advanced trading command centre enabling you to trade directly on FX markets.

  • A unique combination of flexible, straightforward algorithms backed by a sophisticated market-making engine that handles sweeps and market volatility efficiently.
  • Trade like a professional market-maker by posting proximate to top of book. Let us take care of market events for you.
  • Choose from both passive and aggressive strategies: take complete control over your execution and adapt the level of aggression, amount executed, and specified urgency to suit your requirements.
  • White-label option: save time and money by putting your brand to our proven technology, leaving you to focus on building your business and services.

Trading Strategies

Enabling you to have full control over every aspect of your trades.

  • Slow, Slower and Normal. Our passive strategies trade off speed for exceptional execution.

  • Fast and Faster. Our market-aware aggressive modes.

  • Dynamic Time Algorithm (DTA). Time bound with market intelligence to minimise spread payed.

  • Dynamic Price Algorithm (DPA). Optimises aggression based on market direction. 

  • Limit Orders. True DMA: you can choose the venue where orders are placed.

Benefits of MFX Vector

  • 01 ​Complete execution control: specify the level of aggression, amount executed, urgency, and time limit.
  • 02 Innovative technology used by Tier 1 banks that you can pass on to your clients.
  • 03 A sophisticated market-making engine: post proximate to top of book and efficiently handle market volatility.
  • 04 Technologically advanced, flexible algorithms based on proprietary adaptive forecasting systems.
  • 05 Use in conjunction with MFX Echo to plan your future trading strategies.
  • 06 ​Test a percentage of your order for safety and then work the rest with our Cannon feature. 
  • 07 Fill, pause, or cancel your order at any given point.
  • 08 Detachable Screens feature: see everything in one place without filling your whole screen.

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