Trading Tips


Trading with leverage, what is it and why is it used?

Leverage is the term applied when a trader gains an exposure to a particular asset or market by posting a smaller amount of capital than the nominal full value of the position or asset. Providers of the leverage facility effectively fund the rest of the position by lending you the balance. Leverage is a key feature of foreign exchange trading.

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Avoid common mistakes

Master your trading mindset

Trading psychology is exceptionally important and can often be the single most deterministic factor in trading success.

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Managing Risk

It is extremely important to be aware of the risks before you start trading

Risk can be thought of as the chance that an investment's actual return will vary from that expected. Importantly it is the risk of a poor outcome that should concern a trader, it is this outcome that will hurt your investment and impair your trading.

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Technical Analysis

Technical Analysis is the study of past price and volume data and its effects on investor behaviour

Technical analysts believe that history tends to repeat so contend that by studying past price and volume information greater insight can be garnered into future price movements.

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Support and Resistance

Understanding support and resistance is an essential component of chart interpretation

Where there is a lack of supply prices will tend to rise until the number of sellers is sufficient to fill the buying demand and prices fall again as the demand wanes. The opposite naturally applies during a market sell-off as demand meets the supply and prices stop falling as the selling finishes.

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Chart Patterns

Key Chart Formations

Trend identification is normally a relatively straightforward process, unfortunately forecasting when the trend will turn or how long it has to run can be difficult. Traders look to chart patterns to help with this.

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Developing a Trading Plan

A plan is critical for anyone wishing to achieve an end goal

whether we are an engineer developing a super structure or a trader pursuing financial independence. We require a plan so that we can benchmark our actual performance and results against those planned

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Placing orders

A market order is an order to trade at the current best market price available

To avoid disappointment traders should ensure they transact with brokers who have minimal latency so that the rate they see on their screen is as close to possible as the latest ‘market’ rate in which transacting is taking place.

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