Calculation Tips

General Information

1 Lot = 100,000 units
0.10 Lot (Minilot) =10,000 units
0.01 Lot (Microlot) = 1,000 units

(Nb. MahiFX does not refer to lots but offers the above trading amounts.)

10 000 pips = 1 unit of currency (exc. Jpy and Huf crosses)
1 pip = 0.0001 units (exc. Jpy and Huf crosses)

Total Equity/NAV

MahiFX: Net Account Value (NAV)/Account Equity = Cash Bal. + Unrealised P&L (Profits in Open positions– Losses in Open positions)

NAV- Margin Reserved = Margin Available

MahiFX MT4: Equity = Balance + Profit

Equity-Margin = Free Margin

Margin will be levied against open positions. It is highly recommended not to use the full amount of your Equity/NAV as margin on a given trade as any adverse movement in the market may subject you to a margin call.

Profit Calculator

Profit/Loss = (Exit price – Entry price (after adjusting for applicable swaps)) x position size

Example: Assume you buy 10,000 EUR/USD at 1.3200 and subsequently sell it at 1.3500 (before the application of any swaps).

Profit: (1.3500-1.3200) x 10,000 = $Usd 300

On the MahiFX platform you can find your realised profit/loss under the 'Account Activity' tab.
Nb. If you are trading in a currency pair with a R.H.S. currency different to your base currency, your R.H.S. profit/loss will be converted to your base currency.

Pip Value Calculator

Pip Value = (one pip, with correct decimal placement/ currency exchange rate) x units (L.H.S. result)

Example: You buy 10 000 of EURUSD at 1.27
Pip value = (0.0001/1.27) x 10 000= 0.787 EUR

Swap Calculator

We do not provide swap free accounts. Overnight positions will be charged a swap/rollover fee where applicable. The swap charge is derived by taking into account the interest rate differentials of the two currencies in the currency pair position held, and will typically vary depending on whether your position is long or short.

Swap MahiFX = Sell/Buy Roll Points x L.H.S Positions size (R.H.S. result).

To monitor the roll points/swaps applied to any overnight positions that you hold on the MahiFX proprietary platform navigate to the 'Price Monitor' Tab and select the currency pair you require. The buy and sell roll points/swaps that will be applied to the next rollover are displayed in this Tab.

Swap MahiFX MT4 (Ccys) = Lots x Swap (R.H.S. result)

To view the swap/rollover charges in the MahiFX MT4 platform navigate to the 'Market Watch' panel and right click against it. Select 'Symbols'. From the pop-up window select/highlight the currency pair that you are interested in. Click 'Properties' to view the applicable long/short swap points.

Example for MahiFX platform:
Long 100,000 NZD/USD at .7350 with an account base currency in USD
Buy Roll points = -.000059
New long rate after roll = .7350 - .000059
= .734941
Swap Interest = (.7350-.734941) x 100,000 = $5.90 Usd
Example for MahiFX MT4 platform:
Short 100,000 (1 lot) EUR/USD with an account base currency in USD.
Short at 1.2689
Short Roll points = - 1.23
Swap Interest = 1*(-1.23)= -1.23 USD

Margin Calculator

Margin is collateral held against a customers position(s) to protect the FX provider against changes in value of the position(s).
Margin is always a fraction of the value of the asset/position, the size of which will depend on the riskiness of the asset. Volatile and less liquid assets have greater risk and will therefore typically attract a higher margin requirement than lower risk assets.

Margin requirement = (current price x units traded) / Leverage (converted to a users base currency)

Where Margin = 1/Leverage

Example: You want to buy 10,000 EUR/USD at 1.3200, leverage is 100:1

Margin = 1 / 100 = 1%
Margin requirement = (1.3200 x 10 000) x 0.01 = Usd 132.00

You can find your Margin Requirement on the MahiFX platform in the 'Account' tab under the tab 'Margin details'.

The MahiFX Platform utilises cross margining to maximise the efficiency of your Margin utilisation. Cross margining means that your bought (long) positions and sold (short) positions for each currency are aggregated. Margin is only assessed on the net exposure. For example, assume a client buys 100,000 EURUSD. Then further assume a client sells 100,000 EURCHF. As the EUR balance nets to zero (the client has both bought and sold 100,000 EUR) the Margin levied on the EUR will reduce to zero after the second trade. There is now however a Margin required for the new CHF balance and Margin required for the prior existing USD balance.

Please follow this link if you want to have more information regarding margins: