Whether you have an 
A or B book model 
we have a solution 
to help.

MFX Compass provides an
e-FX solution for anyone. 

Features of MFX Compass

  • 01 Powerful
  • 02 Efficient
    Risk Management
  • 03 Sophisticated
    B Book Filtering
  • 04 Commission Free Liquidity
  • 05 Ongoing Consultancy
    in all aspects of e-FX

MFX Compass:

Taking Control

of your

e-FX business.

A Book

If you're an A book broker looking for tighter spreads and no commission, MFX Compass will enable you to produce liquidity and profit from the bid/offer spread, all completely commission-free.

B Book

We understand that as a B Book broker, it's important to ensure the correct flow goes into your book. With our sophisticated pricing filters, only qualifying flow will be permitted to enter the book and our highly efficient hedgers bound the risk.

Furthermore, we offer full-scale price formation, allowing you to distribute your own rate, as well as event handling/news widening and specialist reporting.

"Risk management is absolutely critical to what we do at MahiFX. If we are taking a client that has historically run an agency model where they are paying away spread all of the time

in their business and migrate them to taking a responsible proportion of that risk in and internal liquidity pool, we need to be able to control that risk. Essential to our ability to do that is the ability to hedge efficiently. If you can hedge very very efficiently, you want to hedge often and you want to keep risk modest.”

David Cooney, Co-Founder & CEO

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MFX Compass?

The components

MFXCompass provides the most comprehensive and technologically advanced suite of components available to drive and, most importantly, monetise your e-FX business.

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  • solution Sophisticated

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Read about our team sharing their expertise and knowledge with the FX industry.

Case study


“We would highly recommend MahiFX since analysing e-FX flow has become more challenging due to an increase in business being done through APIs and aggregators.”

CFH Clearing Limited is one of the most respected and reputable STP venues for Tier 1 liquidity in the world, having established relationships with banks, brokers and professional traders across the globe. Since our launch in 2008, CFH Clearing has worked tirelessly to develop our own sophisticated technology solutions and build unrivalled liquidity for our clients. We are constantly investing time and money to improve and innovate our products for our clients. With a wealth of experience in leading e-FX banks, MahiFX are uniquely positioned to offer the necessary tools to seamlessly distribute enhanced risk management services as well as pricing and hedging decision capabilities equal to that of a top FX bank.

The MFX Compass technology platform very closely aligns to what we had already built in-house. MFX Compass’ enhanced risk and analytics solutions complemented CFH’s ClearVision Risk Management suite perfectly to offer further value added services to already market leading technology. The customer service team have been great, we’re really pleased with the level of attention and assistance throughout the integration process. MahiFX have a fantastic and experienced technical team who are always there to provide support.

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