Press Release: MFX Echo – Making FX Price Action Technology Available to All

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MahiFX’s new product MFX Echo takes the guesswork out of eFX execution

London, 19th June 2018 – Information is vital to traders and with a vast amount of data across a range of venues it’s often a challenge for traders to make informed decisions. MahiFX’s new product MFX Echo is a trade analysis, liquidity visualisation and price-explain tool enabling traders to evaluate markets, decide on how to work orders and analyse performance during and post execution.

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Built on Amazon Web Services cloud technology, MFX Echo uses a proprietary “firehose” streaming mechanism to quickly and efficiently replicate all available tick data from a customer’s trading system into Amazon Web Services, making the data available for detailed analysis in under a second, so it can be used to inform traders of the right strategy to use for current market conditions.

David Cooney, Co-founder and CEO of MahiFX, has said “We are excited to be able to offer this level of granularity to traders, which has previously only been available to large banks due to the high cost and complexity. MFX Echo has the ability to analyse – in detail across multiple venues – parameters such as which markets moved first, how many moved and how quickly they recovered. It can also identify highly impactful behavior such as sweeps, all with the aim of informing better trading.

The product is complementary to MFX Vector, the company’s algorithmic execution offering. Once a trader has assessed market conditions and price action they can utilise MFX Vector to trade passively or aggressively using a number of sophisticated algorithms such as (DTA) Dynamic Time Algorithm and (AAS) Adaptive Aggressive Strategy. Both products are available as a white label offering.

The new products are a result of MahiFX’s firm commitment to making cost-effective innovative, technology available to everybody.


If you would like a demo of MFX Echo, please send an email to: