About Us

We’ve seen a lot and solved a lot, building our own systems and solutions. That experience gives us the confidence, craft, and know-how to tackle even the most complex challenges in e-FX. 

Our founders, David and Susan Cooney, were on the trading floor in the early days of eFX and our leadership team has over five decades of collective interbank experience in the disciplines of trading, quantitative analytics and technology.


Our Team

  • David Cooney

    Chief Product Officer, Founder

  • Susan Cooney

    Chief Executive Officer, Founder

  • James Furness

    Chief Technology Officer

  • Paul Park

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Andrew Morgan

    Head of Trading & Quant Analytics

  • Lee Butts

    Lead Developer

  • Bonnie Cassidy

    Global Account Executive

  • Nicola Clifton

    Global Account Executive

  • Nicole Vivian

    Compliance and Finance

  • Tony Bell

    Director, Quality Assurance

  • Liam Cordelle


  • Will Carter

    Trading and Analytics